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Here's Susan's take on garden design, from her perspective as a former garden editor at Better Homes and Gardens® magazine. No color wheel or graph paper required!

Pesche's, Des Plains, IL

Free video lesson, Growing and Using Herbs, courtesy of the Iowa City Public Library.

Thanks to the generosity of Project Green in Iowa City, I was invited to give a presentation on growing and using herbs on April 1 of this year. The wonderful ICPL--and their equally wonderful librarian, Beth Fisher--taped the presentation and made it available on their website. First are introductions from Mary Lowder of Project Green, then my presentation starts at about 3:30. I hope you find it helpful. Susan


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That’s how I see my purpose—as a reminder for you. Not the nagging sort of reminder like that to-do list that you keep adding to or that stack of dishes that needs to rinsed and loaded—or unloaded, or put away, or . . . But the kind of reminder that brings you back to the moment at hand every once in a while. I’m reminding you to notice, relish, and make more of those little pleasures that make the day sweeter. I know how busy life gets, how much our families and communities need us, how we feel compelled to set aside calm moments until we get just one more thing done.

So when I set up the patio at Applehurst with checkered chairs and umbrellas, or choose a new Iowa wine for the shelf, or make the list of heirloom seeds to order, or hang a nice birdfeeder, or carefully shine a vintage citrus juicer I’m thinking of you. Of how rejuvenating it is to sit in the sunshine for lunch and catch-up with a friend, of the evening glass of wine you enjoy, of the pleasure you get from serving your own home-grown lettuce at dinner, of the connection you make to the natural world in your own backyard, and of how you want to make your home feel steadfast, safe, and welcoming. Of course, the best part for me is knowing that you’ll blend all those sweet moments together in your own creative way.

Above all, I hope to remind you of your own rich creativity, because no matter what you take away with you when you leave Applehurst, you remind me to enjoy my day here.